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Other Business

Alan is a partner in various other business ventures, spanning multiple industries, where he serves in many different facilitating roles.
More information about each of these ventures can be found below.

The Home Place

Since 1929 the Waters' Family has made this house a home. Through the years, many special occasions have occurred within its walls, on its porches, and upon its grounds. In 2001 the last relative residing in the home passed away, and for nearly two decades the home sat dormant and slowly fell into disrepair. 

In 2018 a restoration project began to bring the home back to its former glory. The restorations were completed in April of 2020, just in time for the next chapter of the story.

The Home Place is now a wedding & event venue, available for bookings all year long.

Come as guests, leave as family.


Waters Productions

Waters Productions is a media production company, founded and run by a husband and wife team, with a dedication to superior quality and customer satisfaction. With experiences and clients including Real Estate, Aerial Landscape, Corporate Video & Events, Food Service, Feature Film, and Live Productions, we can help take your next project or event to the next level.

Services include photography, videography, post-editing production, event planning, wedding planning, and more.


DimlyWit Productions

DimlyWit Productions is a multimedia production company founded by independent producers, for independent producers. With services spanning the entire production process from development to distribution, and multiple award nominated productions under their belt, DimlyWit is able to provide you with everything necessary for making your project a success.

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